Coding Challenge – Continuous Coding

As the title states, I set a challenge to code continuously as much as possible, but with a minimum of 2 hours per day.
That is not a higher number to achieve especially when you get into this and you might find that more then 2 hours have passed since you jumped into this.

I created this challenge after seeing the #100 days of code one. The plan to this is to reach specific milestones and feel good actually.

This milestones are in increments of 50, therefor the first one start at 50 days mark and goes to 100, 150 etc.

The source code for the challenge can be seen here, along with my progress so far:

The repository is basically made out of two files.
The readme that contains the rules, and the ProgressLog that contains the actual progress where you capture what you did.

You can store the data in the log how ever you want, as long as you capture the date and some progress info.

Have fun and continue coding!

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