Learning JavaScript

Recently I have decided that it is about time to set my goal and actually follow it until the end and do what I want in life instead of doing what I need to survive so to speak.

I have started coding quite some time ago, but I have always started and then after a few week or months I would stop and not getting any traction basically, because of that.

This time I actually do have in mind to start this and take it to the end line where I can finally start building my own websites and dig deeper into this business and land my development job.

But it all starts with a few small steps before actually seeing any actual progress. Same as when you go to the gym. The first month or so you will not see any changes but if you continue to push yourself they will start appear.

Same thing happens with becoming a developer as well, no matter the language you are learning. I have decided to get back into JS because of the end goals I have in my mind, and those being to possibility to build web apps. Once I get to a good understanding of JS, which I might already be, but I might be to afraid to actually see it, I will be moving to learn Vue.JS as a framework along with Quasar a new framework that is built on top of Vue.

I actually like the simplicity that Vue brings to the table and the capabilities that it has.

In the next days or so I will start logging a journal like path of my progress so that I can see, and you as well if you want, how the progress goes and how day by day I get my self into more and more advanced stuff, I hope.

For now I’m using 3 courses to learn. I use them so that I get more info from all courses and because there might be stuff that one teacher might not add.

For example the 2019 Web Dev Bootcamp as far as I understand, did not complete the JS there, does not cover let and const, which are new way to declare a variable in JS. They are seen as far better options then var.


FreeCodeCamp is a great place to learn, because it takes you into algorithms as well, where they give you a few problems and you have to get the solution using the information that you have already learn.

Few examples:

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