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a second time

Why a second time? Well I had this blog up and running a few month ago, but my SSL certificate that was a 90 days one from OpenSSL expired. That has been installed by one of my friends.

Once that certificate expired a purchased a 2 years one from Comodo, but during the installation process, as I wanted to do this myself and learn how to do it, I was very smart, seriously, and did one huge mistake. Well 2 actually.

  1. I did not create a snapshot of my instance in order to have a backup in case I screw up something
  2. I did not make a backup of the config files that I was editing. Once such file that I edited was the proxy configuration.

As I edited the file with sudo and I’m used to Windows and not Linux, I tried to copy some information but instead managed to delete my entire configuration file and apparently I somehow saved the empty file.

Of course restarting the server made everything not function anymore so I could no longer backup my posts, theme or plugins for my page.

Due to my “intelligent” move above I had to nuke my server and reinstall WordPress from scratch and start again :). At least I now know to backup my instance and do a backup of my files before doing a stunt like that. I even play smarter and I actually download the files locally create a backup on my PC and then edit a copy of it and then upload them to the server.

So welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

I guess I should start now by introducing you to the blog it’s content and who am I, right?

  • Who am I?
    • I’m a 27 years old Technical Support Engineer for Okta and in my spare time I like to code and learn more about the technology field. That includes game developer and games, software’s, security news etc.
  • What is this blog for?
    • What I aim to do on this blog is mainly to use it as my own personal website that will contain a resume and a portfolio, but also a blog, hence why this page exists, where I will be adding tutorials of various IT related fields that I like to do in my own time and even work related items if I find I could explain more about specific topics.
    • Also you will be finding code spinets of various programming languages like PHP, C#, C++ etc and maybe even articles on how to build specific projects. I will most likely work on adding that because in the process of building those and providing them for you to learn, I will further develop myself as a programmer ๐Ÿ™‚

For now I want to welcome you again to my blog and see you soon.

Next article I think will be a How to one ๐Ÿ˜›

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